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Item Number: ISS DVRC264-SE


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The ISS DVRC264-SE closed circuit television security system provides maximum protection for your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at an affordable price.
The ISS DVRC264-SE closed circuit television security system features a DVR with a 500 GB hard drive and 4 Vandal Resistant infrared cameras. Simple to set up & install, you can monitor the cameras anytime from anywhere around the world. All 4 cameras provide professional grade performance of 480 television lines of resolution that deliver crisp high detailed video that capture the smallest objects and facial features.

 All of the cameras are water resistant, compact and highly durable to provide clear stable video, even in harsh outdoor conditions. Single cables to each camera cover all wiring needs including power so you have the freedom to place them anywhere, even if there is no electrical outlet in the area. Mount the cameras on the wall or ceiling and 66 extension cables featuring Audio, Video and Power are included for each camera. The cameras are equipped with 23 infrared LEDs which allow them to detect and show objects as far as 45 feet, even in the darkest conditions.
The 500 GB hard drive allows for extended recording time and is expandable to 2 TB for maximum data capacity. With a 30 Frame per second recording rate, this product provides real time quality video. The DVR is equipped with H.264 leading compression technology used in the video industry. You can also monitor any camera remotely online from any PC using internet explorer, or on your Smartphone and receive email notifications based on programmed events such as motion or loss of signal.
Enjoy the performance, ease of installation and reliability of this security product and know that your home or business is being protected by a global leader in the world of electronics.
This DVR feature a 4CH real time CIF network DVR, offering optimized configuration. The DVR adopts a standard H.264 baseline compression form and industry's advanced SOC techniques, enhancing video quality and robustness of the system greatly.
H.264 video technology is used in major media companies today. The H.264 compression technology provides higher compression which requires less storage to record more hours of video.  Pre-installed with 500GB of storage capacity which provides up to 1 years of recording depending on the settings and the video scene. SATA Hard drive.
The DVR supports 4CH video input, 4 audio input, 4CH simultaneous playback, and VGA output for high resolution display. 
This DVR is featured with three USB ports: One maybe used for mouse to easily navigate through the menus. The second can be used to back-up the video data for long-term archive or to share with law enforcement, friends, or family members. The third in conveniently place in the front of the DVR for an easy access backup option.

Multi screen display options: 1/4
Motion Event recording or Alarm Event recording. This provides storage savings as you do not need to record when there are no activities. You also have flexible recording option; ability to set the frame rates and CIF, HD1 or D1 resolution for each channel.
The ISS DVRC264-SE has 4 alarm inputs which allow it to work with your home or business alarm system. Its alarm output allows you to add an extra siren to scare would be intruders.
This DVR has a High VGA Resolution Output of 1280 X 1024
Search video by event or by time and date. You can playback while DVR is recording providing a true Pentaplex operation
This DVR provides up to 5 user connectivity simultaneously through web browser. This system currently supports the Internet Explorer platform for PC and Safari 5.0 or older Platform for Macs.
You can be alerted by email notification with a snap shot photo of the motion that was detected. If you have mobile phone with email capability, you can receive the email directly on your phone. This system has ability to record up to 4 audio channels. Each audio channel can be configured to link with different cameras. (Microphones not included)
Remote Viewing:
No need to install software on your computer. Just open your web browser and start navigating through the DVR system. Unlike many other system, the ISS DVRC264-SE is self contained and do not need to install separate software to view remotely.
Business or home can be easily monitored by just entering the IP address of the system anywhere, anytime over with a PC using internet explorer and is compatible with Mac computers using Safari 5.0 or later browsers.
This DVR also comes with Central Management Software. This software allows you to remotely view up to 64 different locations all on one screen.
If you do not have internet connection, you can easily view directly from your mobile phone such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile Phone, or Blackberry. Simply download the free SuperCam App from the App Store or Android Market.
You can set-up multiple users and configure level of access playing back video or copying video.
The ISS DVRC264-SE system is DDNS (Dynamic DNS Service) compatible making it easy for the users to access the system without having to worry about the internet service provider changing their IP address. The DDNS service automatically updates the IP address if Internet Service Provider changes your home IP address. Simply go to www.dydns.orgto purchase for just $15.00 per year.
Camera Features:

This USA Designed CD46IR-VP Vandal Resistant Security Camera provides high quality with durable metal housing which has a rating of IP66 (Ingress Protection used by government standard for outdoor protection)

These cameras use single cable to transmit audio, video and power reducing the need to install extra power outlet next to the camera.
Include 4 night vision day/night cameras with 23 LEDs allowing viewing up to 45ft of distance in the night, mounting bracket that can be mounted from the ceiling or wall. It also includes 66ft Audio, Video and Power Bundle extension cable.
The 3.6mm (F2.0) provides an angle of 74° field of view.
Key Features:

 Mac Compatible using Safari 5.0 or older browser
 Economic 4CH real time CIF recording.
 Easy installation and operation, best cost effectiveness
 Resolution/frame rate/image quality adjustable per channel; D1 
 available per channel
 Full channel CIF simultaneously playback with audio
 Programmable display/spot out/alarm mode
 Programmable recording mode with versatile options
 Privacy mask\digital zoom\snapshot
 Strong log function supported
 Powerful remote configuration and maintenance function
 Perfect support of IPhone, Blackberry, Google phone, Symbian and 
 Windows mobile
 Features for large scale installations
 Express backup

1yr Warranty
Free Technical Support
4Ch DVR with 500 GB Hard Drive
Remote control
Two AA Batteries
4 x Night Vision Cameras
4 x 66ft audio, video and power bundle extension cable
Power Cord
*The estimated delivery time will be approximately 3 - 5 business days from the time of order.
*For Express shipping the estimated delivery time will be approximately 1 - 2 business days from the time of order.

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