Dux Ryu Ninjitsu, is a system of Martial Science possessing the essential principles and traditions of the Koga-Yamabushi (Koga mountain warrior) society. From which the infamous Ninja descended as well as the modern day Yakuza and Kampai Tai. -- Japan’s organized crime and intelligence services.

Both groups had worked hand in hand when Japan sought world domination prior to its military defeat, in 1945. Both groups are empirically knowledgeable of stealth and assassination, carrying out or neutralizing many other forms of lethal threats, as well.

The Ryu defined

Dux Ryu founded by ‘Bloodsport’ legend Frank W. Dux is a martial science that centers on awareness and harmony, within ourselves, and the world around us. This is accomplished by training our body and mind slowly & methodically to move in a natural and flowing manner. Thus enabling us to use our body as well as our internal life force energy & power to subdue an adversary. We train to develop the spirit, mind and body evenly to survive, and maintain a peaceful existence. Not to engage in competition for the sake of ego gratification.

The physical aspect of the science is not skill perfected by repetition. Instead, it is “the natural use of body dynamics performed in spontaneous flowing sequences”. This is accomplished with the opening and attacking chosen targets and leveraging with Ying Yang principles, allowing any one of any size, strength, sex or age to defend life and body. Furthermore, we believe that ‘being in the right place at the right time’ (in the void) keeps the ninja-ka out of harm way and is therefore set up to do the most amount of damage in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of energy expanded. Using linear square, triangular and circular movements allow for a vast array of attack and evade options. To reach this point one must develop a higher mind, sense of awareness and instinct as well as the ability to become one with one’s personal universe.

Dux Ryu training also includes proper breathing and stretching together, as to obtain ‘efficiency of motion’. This then develop into a deeper internal level of self-awareness by means of moving meditation. Allowing one to realize the Ki, (Chi) vital energy of life force that resides in all of us. This in turn is brought to a level where one can control the amount of Ki to e used much like the turning of a faucet to control the amount of water required.

Dux Ryu takes a practical, realistic approach to self-defense by drawing on the strengths of other martial at styles of recent and ancient history to combine them with the more classic Ninja application of hand to hand combat (taijitsu). Thus, we are not confined by the teachings of a single system nor dictated by tradition. In this way we maintain the true spirit of the ancient ninja by changing of being one with the times and/or the environment.

Training classes tend to be small and discreet, each class usually containing less than ten students at a time. This is an aspect of our training we will maintain so as to insure a continuance of high quality instruction and personal attention to the student.

Unlike most other martial art systems Dux Ryu training is geared to the individual, thus making individual progress faster, finding personal self-defense practical for today’s threats and builds around the students own strengths and weaknesses.

Another factor, separating Dux Ryu from other traditional martial arts training, is that training is not addressed to fighting only under ideal conditions as in a school setting, but in fluctuating situations and environments. For example, one vs. multiple attackers, fighting in the dark, in a hallway, a parking lot, in water, or on various forms of terrain rather be it in the mountains, at the beach or slippery ground, such as grass, where a fight strategy emphasizing kicking would be rendered useless. Lecture is also a key component of our on going training to include subject like martial history, eastern philosophy, tactics, to include lectures on the art of war to the art of tea.

After the student has become proficient in hand to hand & hand to weapon self-defense, he/she is introduced to the arts of escape stealth, sky diving, rock climbing, first aid, acupressure, water safety, outdoor survival skills and a host of other rewarding and enjoyable activities. All of which can be employed in self-defense so that one can go anywhere in the world and under most extreme conditions the Dux Ryu warrior will emerge as a survivor.

In this context, the term warrior does not imply killer, war-monger or someone that seeks violence for the sake of violence. Instead it means one who will not be controlled by the whims of others and is a person that will step up, take a stand and fight for what he/she believes is right. These things can include the preservation of life, peace, freedom, democracy or personal integrity. Therefore the warrior must be physically fit, have a sharp & clear mind with the heart to commit and follow through. The warrior must have that which all warriors throughout history have had and will continue to have. A warrior code (Bushido) to live by and die by.

The purpose of Dux Ryu Ninjitsu lies not in victory or defeat but in the quest towards the perfection of one’s character. Dux Rye is not solely self-defense nor physical conditioning, but martial science that enhance one’s self-worth. This is instilled in all students; by helping them find themselves and being able to express themselves with self-confidence, integrity and self-mastery. Thus, putting them on a life-long journey to higher achievement and spirituality inside and outside of the school.

We know that in life we are not intended to be alone and that there is strength in numbers. In this way we are taught the importance of teamwork and the importance of a buddy system. At the same time being capable of personal accomplishments that can exceed well past average expectations.

Michael Alcava, Shihan
Dux Ryu Ninjitsu