Nanny Cameras

Nanny Cameras are as the name implies, cameras that are used to spy on the nanny. Most of these cameras are hidden inside items what would normally be found either on a kids room or living room items. They need to hide in plain sight.

Our Law Enforcement Grade plug and play Hidden/Nanny cameras are perfect for preventing theft, to keep an eye on employees, Catch Cheating Spouses and to watch nanny or caregiver when your not around.

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Mantel Clock Camera
Internet Pricing Only: $220.00
Book Camera B/W Hardwired
Internet Pricing Only: $147.00
Imitation Motion Detector Cam
Retail: $480.00
Internet Pricing Only: $199.99
You Save: $280.01 (58 %)
Adapter line Camera
Retail: $595.00
Internet Pricing Only: $395.00
You Save: $200.00 (34 %)
Covert Clock Memo Cam built in DVR Nanny Cam Internal Recorder
Memo-Cam Wall Clock- Hidden Camera With Built in Digital Video Recorder
Internet Pricing Only: For additional information, including pricing, Please email or call us.
Teddy Bear Camera
Internet Pricing Only: $230.00