• delta-force-product - International Spy Shop

    Auto M-4 Package

    Step into the line of fire through the sight of the sniper. See through the lens of the elite armed forces of the US with this innovative high-powered authentic Airsoft replica complete with eyepiece focusing lens and fully automatic firing settings

  • delta-force-product - International Spy Shop

    Auto M-9 Package

    Step into the realistic immersion of firearms with this innovative breakthrough in Airsoft technology. The Auto M-9, a fully automatic fully weighted replica of the police firearm of choice, is yours for the thrill- fully automatic rapid-fire settings discharged with authentic kickback. Shoots and feels like the real armament.

  • commando-product - International Spy Shop

    Commando Package

    Rapid-fire and explosions of fiery. Experience full auto M-4 fire augmented by the one-of-a-kind grenade launcher firing bursts so realistic it feels and sounds like one is indeed discharging a military grenade in the throes of battle.

  • delta-force-product - International Spy Shop

    Delta Force Package

    Automatic everything. Single shot nothing. Burst, spray, and flay your target today. Automatic force actually, start your own training with 300 shoots on a M-4, 100 shots on an Auto M-9, and one target

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