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    LawMate Keychain Hidden Camera – DVR203HD

    LawMate has equipped the latest Keychain Hidden Camera with a sleek new body featuring the smallest 5M pin-hole camera made specifically for recording. The DVR203HD is a 4 in 1 device, record continuous 1080p HD Color video, 5M photos, webcam and flash drive. This real-time HD recording device will capture in field footage and go unnoticed on a keychain.

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    PRO Camera Finder

    The removal of a hidden camera threat is made easier with this durable, professional grade camera lens finder. The DD1200 is the highest grade camera lens finder available and was designed specifically to remove hidden camera that other detectors cannot find. The high powered adjustable LED’s enable long and short range camera lens detection beyond what any other lens finder is capable.

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    RF Detector Device Simple – DD3100

    RF Detector Device Simple – DD3100

    The DD3100 is the smallest multifunctional RF detection device available. Equipped with the ability to find transmitting and non-transmitting cameras, this handy tool is the perfect surveillance sweep companion that is just small enough to take anywhere.

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    SleuthGear Defender Simple

    • Ability to detect wireless as well as wired hidden cameras
    • Easy to set up and operate
    • Radio Frequency Response 10MHz ~ 8GHz
    • Battery 9Volt

    Included with this item

    • Detection device unit
    • Antenna
    • Lens finder attachment
    • 9V Battery
    • Quick start guide and instructions
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    SleuthGear Smoke Detector USB