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Wall Clock Camera only for Xtreme Life Xtreme Life Wireless

Purchase this additional covert camera to add to your existing Xtreme Life QUAD or QUAD LCD Wireless or Night Vision camera receiver set.

SleuthGear® Xtreme Life Wireless Systems can connect up to 4 cameras to one receiver. Build your own multi-hidden camera system by connecting any combination of Xtreme Life, Zone Shield®or Night Vision cameras.

Note: You must have previously purchased an Xtreme Life Wireless set for this camera to work.

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.01 LUX
720 x 480 pixels
Auto White Balance
62 Degree Viewing Angle
Rechargeable 2.7v Li Polymer Battery
Charging Time 4-5 hours
Blue indicator when fully charged
Red indicator light when charging
PIR function
Transmission distance is approximately 450 feet from hidden camera
Power 12V
Channels Hopping: 24 channels
Frequency: 2408.625 ~ 2470.5 MHz
Resolution / Frame Rate: 640×480@30fps
System Requirements:
A dedicated PC for recording is required for Remote Video Access a PC will need to be on at all times running the supplied ASP4 Software with the Wireless Receiver connected to the USB port
Browsers for Remote View: Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Chrome
Memory: 1GB
Display card: Independent display card and support DirectX 9.0 or higher
CPU: 2.0GHz or higher (only support x86 and x64)
Recommend internet speed: 1 MB per second upload speed
Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7 (.NET Framework 3.5 higher)
Power Consumption: 12V 270mA
To use the remote viewing on iPhone/iPad, iPhone 3 or higher iPad iOS 4.3 or higher

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Weight 1.43 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 2 in
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