Wi-Fi Hidden Camera

Small & Tiny

PIR night vision ready
Bug Sweep Service

TSCM services

Live GPS Tracker


Pinpoint accuracy
Pepper Gun

Fully Automatic

Smart Home


Cloud Storage
Office Safe


Digital Access
Group Fun


Experience Explore Enjoy
Digital Audio Recorder

Voice activated

8GB Memory
PS Tracker Detector

25MHz -- 8GHz
PC & Cell Phone Monitoring

Track SMS, Calls

iPhones & Android
Pepper Spray

150+ feet

Smart Office

Mobile Access

Cloud Storage
Personal Safe

Water Resistant

Keyless Access
VR Headset

Smartphone ready

Gaming support
Bluetooth Speakers Hidden Cam
Bluetooth Speakers Cam
Motion Detection 1080P Wireless HD
Power RF Bug Detector

GSM & GPS detection
Personal GPS Tracker

Wifi & Geo-fence

2 way calling

integrated Lasersight

15ft away OK
Outdoor Camera

High-power infrared

1080p HD WiFi
Gun Concealment Safe

Fingerprint recognition

VR Laptops

VR-ready laptops

Oculus and Vive ready
Digital Audio Recorder

30 HOURS of recording

8GB Capacity
RF Bug Detector

Perfect dectors for

GPS trackers, cell phones
Personal GPS Tracker


Location tracking
Mace Spray

Plus UV Dye 10 ft

10% OC Pepper

WiFi Video Doorbell

Sends pictures right to your phone or tablet so you know who is at the door
TL-15 Burglary Safe
Digital Access
Active 1 1/4" chromed locking bolts
Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones Active Noise Cancellation
Wearable Mini Wireless IP Camera

Wifi connection

wearable on demand
Spy Camera Lens Detector

20mGHz to 3GHz

LEDs indication
Car GPS Tracker

Motion sensor

1 month battery life
Taser Pulse with laser

Powerful flashlight

2 live cartridges

Dash Cam

64 GB microSD card; Class 10 requiredGPS-enabled
Water bottle diversion safe
Air Tasers " />
Authentic Dasani water bottle secret compartment for valuables
VR Tower

VR-ready  ultra-performance Oculus and Vive ready Towers

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