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    Active Shooter

    You are an officer at the beginning your routine shift. You are driving your patrol towards your assigned district, eager to begin your full day’s work under the sun when the dispatch radios you about a shooting in a local school. Here, you will put your skills with firearms in conjunction with your agility and swift decision-making abilities to save the day or perish trying. The fate of many lives, a good amount of which are children, lie in your hands. Utilize the full reign of your abilities, both physical and cognitive, to brave the trials of the police force.

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    Home Invasion

    You are an officer on patrol in your assigned neighborhood during midday when you notice a home with the door wide open with broken disorganized furniture and the lights off inside. Broken glass from shattered windows litter the living room. An eerie silence emanates from the middle-class residential home in the middle of suburbia.  You cautiously enter the residence to investigate, spurred on by your sense of duty to investigate crime and save lives. What lies ahead is anyone’s guess. You must be prepared to deal with the situation beyond these shattered doors. Be prepared for anything.


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    Zombie Extermination

    Hold back a horde of brain-hungry zombies.

    Packages start at $79.99.

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