• -50%
    $129.00 $65.00

    Bluetooth Headset Cam

    Wear this lightweight camera disguised as a bluetooth headset and easily capture video or still photos. The recorded image stays clear and sharp even when the user is in motion or using the camera in lower light. The rechargeable Lithium battery and 4Gb internal storage make the Bluetooth Headset Cam a great addition to your body-worn camera arsenal.

  • -50%
    $519.00 $259.00

    Button & Screw wired CCD Color Camera set

  • -50%
    $789.00 $396.00

    Clear Lens Glasses Camera

  • -50%
    $579.00 $289.00

    Handbag Covert Camera

  • -50%
    $589.00 $297.00

    Hat Camera

  • -50%
    $619.00 $310.00

    HD Button Camera

  • -50%
    $1,279.00 $639.00

    HD Touch Screen Handheld DVR

    Now get an even larger touch screen with the updated High Definition DVR. Use it with the C1144 HD Camera to create a powerful high-definition wearable recording package (DVR515)! Featuring HD recording resolution at up to 30FPS, the DVR506 is a professional-grade digital video recorder compatible with both Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

    Get clear visibility in challenging light with C1144 Camera featuring Wide Dynamic Range technology.
    Item: DVR506 DVR only
    Item: C1144 Camera only
    Item: DVR515 DVR and Camera

  • -47%
    $599.99 $319.00

    Mini DVR and Button Cam Set

    The most economical DVR and Button Camera Kit, this is also one of the smallest body worn DVR’s on the market today. Equipped with high resolution recording, a free button camera, motion activated recording and more, this DVR outperforms its pay grade every time.

  • -50%
    $559.00 $279.00

    Stylish Glasses DVR Camera

    Unlike other models on the market today these glasses are slim, light weight and stylish. No one would suspect that you are wearing a recording device with a built in 720p HD DVR!

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