• DAS-MOUNT_das-mount
    $39.00 $19.99

    Adhesive Mount for DAS-3000HD

  • HDH-MOUNT_hdh-mount
    $39.00 $19.99

    Adhesive Mount for Drive Proof Car Camera (Touch Screen)

    Place additional mounts in different vehicles to easily switch the car camera from one vehicle to another without the need to remove the mount.

  • DAS-3000HD_das-3000hd_product-shot-dark
    $579.00 $289.00

    Drive Proof Black Box Car Camera (Full HD)

  • HDH-4000C_hdh4000c-accesories-500x300_2
    $659.00 $329.00

    Drive Proof Car Camera (Touch Screen)

    When you want all the bells and whistles in a car camera the Drive Proof HDH-4000C had it all! Front and rear view Full HD recording and a touch screen all in one little device.

    Record video easily from the front and rear of the vehicle with the Drive Proof HDH-4000C Car Camera. The forward facing camera is integrated into the LCD touch screen display. The rear camera is an external wired camera that simply needs to be connected to the LCD monitor.

    Equipped with LCD Touch Screen  allowing you to view live video footage as well playback saved video files right at the scene. Change some of the basic settings directly on the device. Toggle between viewing one video or dual view split screen. Indicators such as voltage are displayed directly on the device.

    Using motion activation set the camera to the motion activation mode to conserve memory when the vehicle is stationary for extended periods of time. Motion activation is particularly effective for those looking to use the car camera to capture acts of vandalism.

  • DVR0071_rc-300mini-copy
    $399.00 $199.00

    Thumb Size Camcorder

    Small enough to take anywhere this tiny thumb size camcorder records video and still shots with 80 minutes of recording time. Great for body worn video, recording sporting events, or vehicle surveillance on the go.

  • HDH-VID_hdh-vid
    $39.00 $19.99

    Video-out Cable for HDH-4000C

    Video-out cable accessory for HDH-4000C.