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    $119.00 $59.00

    6 Hour Telephone Recorder

    Get high quality recordings with our 6 Hour Telephone Recorder. This recorder features easy to use plug and play operation. The voice-activated recording feature means you’ll only capture what is important – no dead silence or wasted tape!

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    $399.00 $199.00

    Call Assistant SD

    The Call Assistant SD recorder is a multifunctional voice recorder.  This is the only recorder that comes with telephone line recording and handset recording.  Easy-to-use telephone recording system that automatically records your telephone conversations.  These conversations are stored internally to a removable SD card. It is battery-powered, and does not need to be connected to any other devices to record. This powerful recording device is only 5.75’’ x 2.75’’ x 1.5’’ small, so it easily fits next to your phone. You have the flexibility to play back the recording or transfer to a PC for playback and storage.

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    $299.00 $149.00

    Diasonic Voice Recorder

    Consider your Digital Voice Recorder storage needs met with the D5300. No other voice recorder offers as many features with as much recording capacity as this trusted model.

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    $339.00 $169.00

    Forus Voice Recorder

    5 out of 5 Stars from the Examiner and Jeffs reviews

    Forus Recoder has re-launched this very popular voice recorder. The Forus DR7500 is a true telephone voice recorder equipped to give you long, clear recording time on 4GB of memory. What makes this recorder unique is the Automatic Telephone Recording feature called TOR (Telephone line Operated Recording) this functions allow the recorder to stand-by conserving battery life.  When used on your land line telephone, the recorder will power down (stand-by) when you hang up and power on when you pick up thus extending the life of the batteries. All other telephone recorders continue to use the batteries even when they are in VOR (Voice Activation recording). The sensitivity to sound/voice can also be adjusted.

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    $279.00 $139.00

    Mini Voice Recorder

    Intuitive operation and a slim design set this digital recorder apart from the rest. With increased memory capacity and telephone recording features, this device combines power and size in the most beneficial way.

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    $209.00 $109.00

    Smartphone Voice Recorder

    Smartphone Digital Voice Recording has never been simpler. Designed specifically to record that ever important, on the go conversation, the D1305 is the only available voice recorder for smartphones.

  • $47.00

    Universal Microphone Record Adapter

    Designed to enable recording telephone calls without connecting wires to the phone, this ear-bud has a built-in hidden microphone and is easily one of the most useful telephone recording accessories for a voice recorder.

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