• -49%
    $95.00 $48.00

    Case W/ 2-50LB Magnets

    The largest of our Waterproof Magnetic Cases, this model is equipped with two 50 lbs. magnets for optimal magnetization, and offers enough volume to contain larger battery operated Tracking Devices or any other content that might need to be kept dry, secure and covert.

  • charger-cable-itrail-gps - International Spy Shop
    $45.99 $22.95

    Charger Cable for iTRAIL® GPS Data Logger

    Product Highlights

    • Replacement Charging Cable
    • USB Connector
    • For Use With The H6000 iTrail GPS Logger
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    $59.00 $29.99

    Drive Proof GPS Antenna

    Optional Drive Proof GPS Atenna use to capture video, audio, G-force and GPS for the Drive Proof car camera touch screen. Item HDH-4000C

  • rent-GPS - International Spy Shop

    GPS Tracking System Rental

    Renting a GPS tracking device from International Spy Shop allows you avoid activation fees, yearly contracts, even air time fees.

    Pricing includes all costs, and that includes return shipping.

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    $119.00 $59.95

    Hardwire Kit for The SilverCloud Realtime

    The LandAirSea SilverCloud is capable of receiving power through a secondary source. Use this hardwire cable kit to connect the real-time vehicle tracking device directly to a vehicle’s battery or fuse box for continuous uninterrupted power. This accessory is perfect for applications that involve extended periods of tracking.   Tracker not included.

  • International Spy Shop
    $339.00 $169.00

    iTrail Logger – H6000

    iTrail Logger – H6000

    The iTrail logger is a simple solution for multi-purpose GPS Tracking. You can use it in almost every situation imaginable.

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    $59.00 $29.95

    Magnet Mount Silver Cloud

    When you need a covert application for your Silver Cloud Real-Time GPS device you can use this attachable magnetic mounting bracket. It’s unique rail designed magnets offer all the mounting capabilities of a pelican case but the custom fit design maintains the original size of the Silver Cloud keeping your GPS Tracker small and covert.   Silver Cloud sold separately – compatible with model’s GPS800 & GPS802    

  • -50%
    $119.00 $59.00

    SilverCloud additional Battery and charger

    Be charged and ready to go with the SilverCloud Battery Pack. This package comes with an additional Lithium-Ion battery and charger, perfect for long stretches of vehicle tracking and surveillance. The SilverCloud Battery Pack is to be used in conjunction with the SilverCloud GPS800 Real-Time GPS Tracking System.

  • -49%
    $59.00 $29.95

    SilverCloud Cigarette Lighter Adapter

    SilverCloud real-time GPS tracking system has the option of receiving power through an external source. This power cable adapter will not only power the SilverCloud tracking system but charge the standard lithium-ion battery by using the vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

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